Ever thought about visiting Albania on your next citytrip? Learn more about the capital city, Tirana.



what to do?

Tirana is the capital city of Albania and known for its hospitality, the friendly people make every visitor feel at home. In the centre of Tirana you’ll see a lot of colourful buildings that stand out which you can take nice pictures of. The nightlife in Albania is becoming better every year while maintaining the nice culture.


how to get there?

You can get to Tirana by bus from Athens or Sarajevo. But it’s also possible to take the plane since that might be easier for most people, Ryan air flies to Tirana and is known for its cheap flights so it’s definitely worth to check the website out.


Try to learn some language basics
Even though the locals try to communicate with you it would be a big help for both you and them if you learned a few of the basic words to make your way around the country.


Try out Raki
Raki is also something that’s known in Turkey, and known as Ouzo in Greece. It is an alcoholic drink that you usually drink together with with some snacks on the side.