Brno is a great choice for a citytrip. The city has much to offer, whether you’re looking to experience nature, learn about Czech culture or want to go out and party. If you’re interested in Brno’s nightlife, there is one place you definitely cannot miss: Super Panda Circus.

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This bar isn’t just like any other bar. It’s an experience you will never forget. The bar is hidden away and not easy to find. When you arrive, you will have to ring a bell for someone to get you. They will walk you into the bar, show you around and explain the concept. The bar offers all types of crazy cocktails. You’re free to choose one yourself, or you can decide to play a game or spin the wheel of fortune to get surprised. The staff is very helpful and if you tell them which flavours or ingredients you will like, they’ll make you something based on that.

The bar has the look of a theater so you get to watch the bartenders mix the drinks. The cocktails Super Panda Circus offer aren’t just normal drinks, each cocktail is basically a work of art. They have the most extraordinary drinks, some come with ice cream, others are served in wooden cups, milk bottles or ice horns. This is definitely a place you will never forget about!

Super Panda Circus is located in the center of Brno and easy to reach with public transport. It is open 18.00-2.00 every day except for Sundays. Make sure you get there early enough as it’s very popular and will fill up quickly. If you want to find out more check out their website.

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