If you love outdoor activities, Albania is just the place for you. With its unique surroundings and atmosphere, Albania has a lot to offer. 
Want to try something adventurous? Try rafting in the Osumi Canyon!

Different organisations in Albania offer rafting trips in the Osumi Canyon. One of them is Albania Rafting Group.
For around 60 euros per person you can get transport from the city of Tirana, rafting and a lunch.

However, there is also a possibility to pay 130 euros for a 2 day trip that offers you transport from Berat with an SUV to the Osumi Canyons and back to Berat, rafting, a local lunch, accommodation in a hotel and a traditional dinner.

The trip includes a visit to the UNESCO site of Berat and to the Exotic Canyons of Eight Waterfalls.

Berat is a very interesting location that is from the Ottoman period in the Balkans. it has a rich history and gives you the opportunity to take nice pictures. If you want to experience nature, adrenaline and culture than this is could be something nice for you to do during your trip!

for further information i would recommend you to check out the website of Albania Rafting Group by clicking HERE