Are you bored of the standard city trip, and want to experience something different? Then Gothenburg is the place to go. More specific, the archipelago of Gothenburg!

Did you know that on the coast of Gothenburg you can find over 20 islands? Every island has something unique to offer, and there are a lot of fun activities to do! Just think of seal safari, fishing, biking etc. Between some of the islands are even bridges, which means you can bike from island to island. On the islands you can find amazing nature, as well as stunning villages.

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On the southern islands there are no cars allowed. This makes it easier to come close to the nature. It is also perfect to experience the islands by bike or by walking. Additionally, you can find several cafés or restaurants on the islands if you want to have some lunch or dinner while you’re there.

The northern islands you can enter by the car if you’d like. Just like the on southern islands, you can find diverse nature and charming villages and harbours. Some of the most popular islands include Hönö, Fotö, Kallö Knippla and Hälsö. You can easily rent a bike, if you want to explore the islands self. At Hönö, you can find restaurants with live music entertainment.

Do you want to experience seal safari? From Hönö, you can go on a tour, where you can experience fishing, seal safari, and sightseeing.

Do you want to spend the night at one of the islands? That is possible! Most islands have accommodation. Maybe one of the most amazing places you can spend the night, is at Kajkanten, located on the island Vrångö. This is actually the most southern island of the archipelago! At Kajkanten, you can stay in modern, fully equipped fishing huts, with an outstanding view to the sea! Next to this accommodation is the fish restaurant, Fiskeboa. Here, you can get fresh and very short-travelled sea food. But, maybe most importantly, Kajkanten has its own floating sauna, right by the sea! What do you think about a dip in the cool sea, followed by some time in the sauna? Sounds amazing, right?!

The islands are easy to reach by ferry or car. If you want to book island hopping, take a look here.

Hopefully, you feel inspired to visit the Gotheburg archipelago. Have you already been there? Share your experience in the comment section!