Belgrade is the capital and the biggest city of Serbia, maybe it is not the most beautiful of all the cities in Europe, but it definitely has something to offer to people who like great food, history and nightlife.
Brno Czech Republic
Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Many people immediately think of Prague when they hear about the Czech Republic, but Brno is definitely a city worth visiting as well. The city is known for its beautiful architecture and nightlife.
The city Cork bridge Ireland
Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, located in the the south of the country. The city is over 800 years old and located on an island in the river Lee. The island is connected to the rest of the country with several beautiful bridges and is therefore also an important seaport for Ireland.
Liseberg in the Swedish city Gothenburg
Gothenburg is a beautiful city at the west-coast of Sweden. The city has many things to offer, like different attractions, culture, good food, and beautiful parks and gardens. Additionally, Gothenburg has a rich nightlife. It is also easy to get to Gothenburg, because of the airport located just outside the city.
Granada Spain Castle
At the foot of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, between the rivers Darro and Genil, lies one of the most interesting cities in Eastern Andalusia. This place is also called the land of a thousand castles. Granada is the capital city of the province of Granada in the autonomous community of Andalusia Spain.
Luxembourg Castle Nature
Luxembourg City is the capital of the very small country Luxembourg, located in the heart of Europe. It has a very central location, and yet few people think of visiting it!
Ohrid Macedonia
Ohrid is a town that’s not that well known but would be a waste if you’d never visit it. The lake Ohrid that’s in the middle of the town can sometimes offer you a view that you might have never seen before. The town has old buildings that create a nice atmosphere combined with the delicious smells of foods. The nightlife in Ohrid is also very lively during the summer nights.
Tirana is the capital city of Albania and known for its hospitality. The friendly people make every visitor feel at home. In the centre of Tirana you’ll see a lot of colourful buildings that stand out which you can take nice pictures of. The nightlife in Albania is becoming better every year while maintaining the nice culture.