Czech Republic


The Czech Republic has a lot more to offer than Prague. Visit Brno on your next city trip!
Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. You have probably heard a lot about Prague, but Brno is definitely a city worth visiting as well. The city is known for its beautiful architecture and nightlife.

what to do?


The old town of Brno is full of beautiful historic buildings and is therefore great to explore yourself or on a tour. There are several tourist offices in the city that offer tours, an example is this interesting tour through the labyrinth under the cabbage market. Make sure you visit the old town hall, the St Paul cathedral, the Veveří Castle and the Spilberk castle. Besides these historical buildings, the center is full of little cafés and pubs which creates a great atmosphere all around.


Brno is a city with a lot of nature. Brno Lake with its surrounding forests take up a big part of the city. It’s a great area to relax and feel one with nature, and the lake and its beach is a perfect place to spend time on a hot summer day. Brno also has a big old park, called Park Luzánky, which is worth a visit.



Many people think the Czech Republic is all about beer, but Brno also has a few vineyards that you can visit. Take a daytrip to one or several of the castles around Brno and try their locally produced wine or go to the Wine Salon. Of course there is also plenty of beer to be found in the city. Brno’s nightlife is something worth exploring. Pubs, bars, and local music venues can be found throughout the whole city. The most popular bar in Brno is Super Panda Circus, one of the most surreal places you will ever visit.

how to get there?

Brno has a small airport, however not many airlines offer flights to Brno so if you want to fly it might be easier fly to Prague or Vienna. From there on you can take a train or a bus to Brno. Student Agency and Flixbus have busses going to Brno from several cities in Europe. If you do fly to Brno you can take a taxi or a bus to the centre which takes about 30 minutes.


1. Keep in mind that the currency used in Czech Republic is the Czech Koruna.

2. To get around the city you can take trams or busses. A transportation ticket allows you to take both!

3. Visit Brno during christmas! The city organizes many cultural events and live performances every year.