Serbia is probably not the first country you think of when you’re planning your city trip, but Belgrade is a city with a lot to offer.


What to do?

Belgrade is the capital and the biggest city of Serbia, maybe it is not the most beautiful of all the cities in Europe, but it definitely has something to offer to people who like great food, history and nightlife. The official name of Belgrade is: Beograd. From Beo that in Serbian means white and Grad means city. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and of the most populated cities in South-Eastern Europe. The historical core of Belgrade, which is called Kalemegdan, was on the right riverbanks. Since the 19th century the city has been expanding to south and east. Due to its position Belgrade was properly called “The gate of the Balkans” and the “The door of Middle Europe”. Belgrade has about 1.750.000 inhabitants, Moreover Belgrade is a young city: more than 40% of its citizens are between 15 and 44 years of age. This means good news, there is a lot of things to do for this age group.

Belgraders enjoy cafes and bars during the day and at night clubs and discos are always crowded, that is why the vibrant and ever-changing nightlife is something not to miss when visiting Belgrade! In 2008 Belgrade has been chosen Europe’s best nightlife city by the times and CNN, offering cheap drinks and accommodation in comparison to the rest of Europe. In Belgrade, unlike other parts of Europe, every night is like a friday night. In Belgrade there are lots of clubs, bars and casinos. This country’s people are on top of this all also very friendly, which makes a visit to this country even a better experience 

how to get there?

Belgrade is easy to reach from different cities across europe by taking a flight to its airport which is the Nikola Tesla airport. It is also reachable via the surrounding countries by busses  and/or trains.


When you are in Belgrade do not forget to visit the ages old fortress Kalemegdan. Its exclusive position makes it a beautiful spot where you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Danube flowing into the river Sava, and the zone of New Belgrade.

If you love to go out, do not forget to visit the floating river clubs on the rivers of this city. To name some of them, we recommend you to visit the following ones: Amsterdam, Acapulco and Hua Hua.

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