A place that is a must-see when you visit Macedonia is the museum on water.. Bay of Bones.
It’s a sight seeing spot where there is an indoor and outdoor museum part, the indoor part is where you can find a few objects that have been found in the water and are presented in an indoor mini pool.


The outside part is the reconstruction of a 2000 year old village that actually was located there before too.It consists of 24 prehistoric houses and are all constructed on wood that is keeping up the village. It has a great view and can be described in one word as unique.

To me, personally, it was something that i never expected to see. When i heard that they rebuilt an old village of 2000 years ago i hadn’t expect it to be on top of the water or that it would have a view like that. It personally reminded me of an ”updated version of the old windows background”

I would strongly recommend travellers that love taking pictures to visit this place!